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CTW adds Superior Series 300 Project Out, Series 400 Casement and Series 5oo Fixed Hurricane tested windows to its product line. These products have been widely used over the past 25 years across Florida in Schools and Universities.
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2011 Tests completed for Series 1 Hybrid windows and Series 3 Hybrid Curtain Wall systems to meet AAMA requirements.

2011 Thermal testing completed for Series 3 Hybrid Curtain wall system with PPG SB70XL glazing.

2011 C.T Windows Inc awarded contract to supply Series 3 Curtain Wall system for new McDonald dining hall at Bowling Green State University, Toledo, Ohio.

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2010 C.T.Windows Ltd founder Chand Tarneja formally retires.

2010 C.T Windows Inc awarded contract for new Orlando Events Center, home to the NBA Orlando Magic. Project is the first LEEDS certified recreation complex in the USA.

2010 C.T. Windows enters into a joint venture with Senior Aluminum Systems, UK to provide Hybrid wood & aluminum curtain wall systems for the North American market.

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